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I believe in the necessity of being approachable with clients but aggressive in getting them results. This is why my approach is personal yet professional, friendly yet proactive. It’s my responsibility to help you achieve what you need.


Dillon Zinser

Associate Attorney

Dillon Zinser is a proud East Tennessee native. Dillon was born in Knoxville, but grew up in Maryville Tennessee. Shortly after graduating from college in 2013, Dillon moved to Knoxville, where he resides now. From a young age, Dillon wanted to be a lawyer to help people through difficult situations.


Why Work with Us?

Don't let an injury take more from you than it already has. Team up with us at the Law Office of Joshua S. Reed to start seeking the compensation you deserve. With our years of experience and commitment to justice, we're prepared to be your dedicated advocates from start to finish.

Dedicated Focus
On Your Case

We think it’s incompetent to take on more than we can handle. As a small firm, we are invested in giving an appropriate number of clients the best service possible. This allows us to apply the diligence we need to prioritize your needs and protect your rights at every phase of the legal process.

Personalized, Proactive Representation

When you get injured, count on us to give you the attention your case needs. We value the quality of representation over the quantity of clients, so it’s important for us to provide customized service specific to your needs and concerns. Come to our location in Knoxville for a free consultation.

In Your Corner
When You Need Us

Above all, we are prepared to fight for what’s right. We believe that good people deserve good outcomes, and it is our pleasure to be in your corner when you need us. Come to us expecting a proactive approach to your case, and know that in the courtroom we will fight aggressively for you.

You deserve to move forward after an injury

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Small Firm Feel

We get to know your name and the details of your case.

We want to give you our complete attention — it’s the reason we make a rule of not having more clients than we can take on. Establishing rapport and knowing the details of your case are priorities in customizing our service to best fit your circumstances here in Knoxville and Farragut.

Large Firm Results

We aren’t afraid to litigate on your behalf in the courtroom.

Aggressive litigation in the courtroom is what wins us cases. Fearlessness is an important part of what makes us an effective firm, especially when the stakes are high. With determination and the will to succeed, we fight for the results our clients expect.


car crash with bicycle on road at night time

What to Do if You Are in a Bicycle Accident

Oct. 24, 2022

According to statistics from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, there were 321 total pedal-cyclists crashes statewide in 2021. Riding a bicycle can be a great alternative to commuting or exploring Tennessee's environment. Unfortunately, the negligence of some motorists may expose bicyclists to possible harm, accidents, risks, or other road hazards.

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Dos and Don’ts When Riding Your Bike

Sept. 28, 2022

Whether you ride your bicycle for exercise, recreation, or commuting, there are many dangers and hazards you may face the moment your feet touch the pedals. If you share the road with motor vehicles, it is crucial that you practice safe bicycling and stay focused on the road at all times.

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Tips for Safe Bicycling

Sept. 28, 2022

Riding a bicycle is an enjoyable, healthy, and environmentally-friendly method of transportation. However, despite the benefits associated with bicycling, riding a bicycle comes with the risk of injury. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, there were a total of 370 bicycle accidents across Tennessee in 2020, 12 of which were fatal and 317 of which caused injuries.

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